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We are still suffering from the Coronavirus pandemics and its adverse effects including the suspension of rugby in Uganda. We hate to imagine the worst but if it did happen, who are the best players?

We are running polls, quizzes but the Uganda rugby folk are having a hard time for the second row. And so are we, but here goes nothing.

4. Uhuru Charles Gomez

With Uhuru Gomez, you can ably say that class is permanent. His aerial prowess is nothing new. It is something to be reckoned with. With Alex Mubiru throwing in, and Uhuru in the air, that is chemistry you want to keep going. Uhuru supplements his aerial abilities with the fact that he is a stubborn ball carrier.

It is no easy feat getting that rugby ball out of grip, and wide arm span. He is hard to take down and a heavy tackler too. Add the fact that he has an eye for gaps in the attack, you have chosen Uhuru into Uganda’s second row for the season so far.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Charles Uhuru in his element – Kratos Sports

5. Joachim Chisano

It has been a year now with the name Joachim Chisano on the lips of Uganda rugby faithful. It is no surprise he has edged many into Uganda’s Premiership second row of the season so far. The Uhuru-Chisano combo might actually work.

Uhuru and Chisano are probably two in the same person save for the fact that the latter can’t fly like a bird. Joachim makes many tackles for breakfast before he chooses to beat defenders in attack for lunch. For dinner, he keeps the ball with him selfishly and good luck trying to rip it out of his grip. Chisano is one of the things going right for Mongers.

This has been the tightest combination to make with Uhuru and Chisano slightly edging out counterparts Frank Kidega and Emmanuel Ecodu. These two could as well be amazing for our Uganda second row.

Kobs lock Ecodu (R) hands out a replica jersey to a fan

Ecodu has redefined himself as a lock, begging the question – Was this supposed to be his position from the start? With injuries falling to Aziku, he has become the towering presence for Kobs and ably executed. He has collected a couple of MOTM awards and tries just as well.

Frank Kidega is your typical silent burner. Nothing fancy, just work. He is probably in closer mould to Chisano though he is a much worse bruiser. Frank has been one of the mainstays in Pirates this season and the stats back up his selection.

We will continue to let you pick out the better positional performers as we wait out the pandemic. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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