The Uganda Rugby community has felt the impact of the Corona pandemic. Coronavirus has had the entire world at a standstill.

Events, leagues, businesses, and rugby tournaments have all ceased for the foreseeable future because of what’s going on. With the measures put in place by the world health organization and the ministry of health; isolation is key to curbing the spread of covid19.

For the passionate rugby lot in Uganda, we took the time to find out how some of these guys were coping with the adjustment in lifestyle on top of having no rugby at all. Handpicked from a large lot, here is what they had to say ;

Joseph Aredo – Betway KOBs

“Honestly, it is the right call even if we have played with some epidemics affecting a few people in the past, this a wake-up call on the health front. The precautions are paramount especially to make sure both fans and players are properly protected.”

“I used this time to have a road trip back home in the countryside, a few workouts here and there but mostly family time.”

“I urge rugby players, fans and the public in general to follow instructions to the dot. We wouldn’t like to lose anyone to a virus we can prevent. Prevention is better than cure!!”

Lucille Ssubi – Heathens Faithful

“Well, the pandemic is a big deal with negative impacts on different sectors. In regards to sports, it’s a big blow on all sporting activities, everything has been put on hold which has affected the stakeholders of the sector. However, this gives a chance to players who were injured to recover and get back to full fitness.”

“I have chosen to go in for self-isolation as directed by the president and other related bodies to stay safe. And with the unforeseeable end of this, I am engaging myself in writing and research about sports law.”

I urge the rugby fraternity and the general public to keep safe as we wait for the league to resume. In the case of excessive boredom, they can equip themselves by reading some rugby literature and watching archived games prior to the pandemic.”

Lucille (L) receives a Heathens replica jersey from Kyadondo’s Tolbert Onyango.

Ernest Akorebirungi – Journo / Pirates

“Let’s use this time to consume as much rugby content as we can. Local content is hard to come by, but there are some resources that would come in handy…especially print.”

Ernest in his favorite rugby attire

“The 32 days will help us know and appreciate sports in Uganda…and maybe also plan better for the future with some hindsight.”

“ I have been watching a lot of rugby content to help me as a player. And also some old content from international games just to know more, and be entertained.”

“It’s beneficial nice to follow some popular journalists & production houses to help me as a rugby journalist. I want to find better ways to report the sport with the meager resources and technology here in Uganda.”

“The suspension of sports and other activities is for our own good. I wish every person would follow the guidelines set by the health authorities and experts because we can get back to normal proceedings as soon as we adhere to the stipulated measures.”

Raul Kanyike – Journo

“It’s so unprecedented. In all my sporting life (as a sportsman and sports journalist), I’ve never seen a thing that puts a stop on all major sporting activities around the world. The virus has put all sporting economics in a ditch and this will have a long-lasting effect on sports world over. Well, as a journalist, I am working on many feature stories for paper and documentaries for TV. Because, hey, there’s no news. So creativity is key. Life is precious. For now, the rugby and the general public should just forget about everything else and join the fight against Covid-19. That’s the most important thing. Stay safe. Sensitize everyone around you. It starts with you.”

Raul sharing a photo moment while engaging in editing content

“Then enjoy the sport through the few remaining avenues. Watch documentaries, watch those classic matches of the past. If you’re an active sportsman/rugby player, keep your fitness. Take runs around your home area. Skip rope. Do easy stuff, push-ups, etc. But above, STAY SAFE.”

Edgar Pajob – Pirates

“Corona is an epidemic that can’t be taken for granted. Honestly, I didn’t know about this virus till Wuhan was all over the news. Killing over 700 citizens in Italy in just 1 day made me shed tears”

“About sports, let’s not forget that most sports involve sweating and a lot of contacts .e.g. rugby and this increases the risk of sportsmen getting the virus. Suspension of sports and other activities leaves us with no choice but to just abide by the directives put in place by the president and the ministry of health.”

PJ, as he is popularly known, shares with us the preventive measures he has implemented to keep him and those around him safe ;

1) he acquired his own hand sanitizer
2) He purchased a nose mask
3) PJ washes his hands every 10 minutes
4) He avoids handshakes as much as possible
5) keeping indoors after work is key
6) He goes the extra mile to take lemon and ginger in his tea
7) Avoiding public toilets as much as possible

PJ’s plea to rugby fans and the public in general: “I advise them to stay calm and patient with the virus. We’ve experienced different epidemics like Ebola, cholera, and others but as a nation, they have been controlled. We still need you so adhere to the preventive measures in order to stay safe.”

Edgar Pajob in Pirates colors – Kratos Sports

There is lots of rugby to watch and rugby is here to stay unlike the virus – this is a temporary situation. Take care of your lives and stay safe we still need you

Edwin Wabwire – Lawyer/Influencer

“Safety of the players and fans is key. It comes at a time when all forms of the international sport were at fever pitch but overall safety is key

Self-isolate and wash hands at all times. Remember rugby is a clean sport and we can beat COVID 19 by being clean in society”

Rugby is all about unity and in these trying moments of chaos and panic, Kratos Sports Africa joins the world in the fight against Coronavirus. Let’s follow all the measures set in place and drop kick COVID19 out of the world.

The rugby season is on hold until such time as announced by the government that it is safe to be out and involved in outdoor sports again.

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