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I think I speak with great authority for the majority when I say that due to this Corona pandemic, the Uganda Rugby Lockdown is a mind-numbing pain. Regardless, we have to find a way to cope – doing the things we love.

We introduce a new column where the Uganda rugby faithful share their thoughts for the rest to indulge. I am happy to have a passionate Heathens fan, Okot Emmanuel, be the first to take on the mantle to express himself. I look forward to your reactions and submissions. Hope you guys love it;

A Letter to rugby lovers

Thanks to COVID-19, our weekends have become dull with no fast-paced action save for the usual clips showcasing power runs, silky skills, and big hits (ask Chiggas about Didi) – not forgetting that relentless trademark Kasito tackles – all thanks to the Uganda Rugby Lockdown.

Anyway, let’s talk about a sport that has united us beyond any form of differences; be it tribal or religious affiliations. I was thinking to myself today; assuming the union decides to end the league prematurely, would it be justified for the Hima Cement Heathens to retain the trophy due to their undisputed consistency or someone believes a contender can still show up among the remaining 9 teams??

Hima cement Heathens
Hima Cement Heathens – Kratos Photo

Could the Makerere boys with Samma’s online form be the spoilers “bonoonyi” for Heathens in the return leg or could the Sea robbers do a “women’s day-Esque” feature once again to turn the tides of fate? Especially since Stephen Alul a.k.a Bujju has proven his sublime playmaking skills that have been the calm in a very rough sailing by the Sea Robbers.

This is something that could be argued in so many different ways with each club stating the claim that they are no pushover and can cause meaningful damage on their day to change the course of the league. I would love to hear or read what people have to say about this especially in this lockdown when we have so much to think about.

Another thought that’s been dying to pop out is about how much we stakeholders have contributed to the sport of rugby in our country. Whether you’re a regular or seasoned rugby goer, the question is simple – Are you proud to associate with the sport? Do you pose as an ambassador or are you the type that dusts their feet after the 80th-minute whistle? If we are proud of what we have then that’s great but if we aren’t, then how are we trying to better the league in our small capacities?

Remember, with Uganda rugby on lockdown, stay home and stay safe. We shall be back stronger.

But then again, who am I to question your loyalties……

The words of a passionate follower – yours,

Okot Emmanuel Daniel.

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