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We might be getting ready for liftoff. Uganda Rugby Union (URU) has issued a statement today urging rugby patrons to prepare for a possible May return.

Following a directive from the government to suspend sports, URU issued a statement on 18th May postponing all activities. In the statement, however, there was a call for regular exercise and observation of social distancing to stay healthy.

This afternoon, URU has issued another statement citing the possibility of resuming competitions in May.

“Should the ban be lifted on 18th April 2020, Nile Stout Premiership will resume 2nd May, as will the regional leagues.”

URU statement on Rugby resumption

Uganda Rugby Union is set to allow about two weeks to teams to regroup and prepare for games. URU, with advisement from USRA (Uganda Schools Rugby Association), is further in consultation with schools to come to an amicable decision with consideration to the academic schedules.

SMACK AND Budo face off in the 2019 Schools Semis

As regards the international calendar, URU concedes that they will wait on communication from Rugby Afrique to determine the occurrence of the Rugby Africa Cup. The same goes for World Rugby on global engagements. Further, the Union is in liaison with Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) to make a plan for the Elgon Cup.

After the temporary shutdown on 18th March, rugby stakeholders have taken to various activities to keep themselves occupied. They will now see this as a light at the end of the tunnel.

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