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In our second segment of letters to rugby lovers, the platform is still firmly gripped by Emmanuel Okot. A man that has played most of his rugby with Uganda Christian University. Something very intriguing is in preparation for next week but yet again, we indulge you with various random thoughts from what is arguably the most unconventional holiday so far. Broaden your minds and travel with us.


I hope you’ve been keeping safe and doing your work outs indoors just like Mzee Joel showed us with those very suspicious push ups.

Personally, i missed you and couldn’t wait for our next encounter, i have been well especially with Pajob booming the airwaves off his newly found talent in rap music (or maybe rap miming) clearly showing that some people will still secure the bag even without rugby.

Anyway, Easter season was upon us and this must have probably been the most unorthodox one for many – more like a house arrest than a public holiday but i hope you managed to make the most of it regardless.

Today, it’s all about random thoughts; as a rugby lover, do you think if Jesus came today he’d play the sport? what position would he station at and for which club would he feature locally ?

Would angel Gabriel rally up a team of ultimate super fans or would it still still be manned by the likes of big Eddie Kiwanuka, Kapa Kimeze, Joseph Ddungu and the legendary Warriors cheerleader Shakira Mohammed – all very popular for the love of their teams.

Don’t wait for 21 days to elapse, get yourself a pair today

One of the most crucial aspects of rugby weekends is the after party – would it still be cold beers and great conversation or would Jesus say a blessing for us as we find our ways back home to catch-up with evening fellowships? The questions are endless but I’ll let you ponder on those few.

What the future holds for kyambogo rugby club

In the spirit of random thoughts with all the uncertainty going round, a friend pushed me to try watching a few lower division games with keen interest in the Kyambogo University side that has the services of veterans; Kevin Makmot, Zeno Owora Othieno and a rumored move for star winger Solomon Okia – could this be the point at which we see the university side join or swap places with Makerere Impis in the “lucrative” top tier super ten.

As i sign out, I’d love to remind you to practice kindness, compassion, and help where you can in these times that are testing the norms of humanity. Don’t forget to find ways to keep yourself alive in these moments. May the Lord be with us all.

Yours passionately,

Emmanuel Daniel Okot

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