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Mudoola Sports is something you have most likely come across while scrolling on your timeline or viewed on your status witnessing a plethora of morning and evening post work out selfies.

COVID-19 didn’t only come with negatives, it was just the push that Timothy Muwumba Mudoola needed to take the next move. Bringing to life a dream that had for so long lived in his mind.

Timothy Mudoola is a rugby veteran affiliated to the Betway Kobs and Uganda rugby Cranes. Popular for being part of the rugby class of 2007 that won the CAR Africa championship.

The birth of Mudoola Sports

The concept was an idea that came up two years prior as he pondered on a way to give back to a sport that had given him so much. Being a coach, which is the norm for most ex-players, was a good idea but it just didn’t seem impactful enough for him.

The idea was shelved in the archives of his mind til two incidents reignited the fire; a sports shop that sold to him poor quality gloves that ripped almost instantly upon use and another encounter where he had to pay an outrageous sum for a mouth guard while on his way for a KOBs game. The poor quality products, exploitative pricing and bad customer service gave him the urge to make a difference.

Small beginnings

Timothy has a reputation for being very committed to work outs. Sharing tips, videos and pictures on his WhatsApp status with the hashtag #MudoolaSports til a friend, Lwanga Louis, advised him to take action on what he thought was a gem of an idea before someone else did.

As convenience would have it, Charlotte Mudoola – Timothy’s sister is a professional with URSB. She helped in the process of registering the brand. It is important to add that there were no “sibling offers” – Timothy had to incur the full costs and endure the full procedure.

My sister is very principled in the work she does, i had to go through all procedures to have everything set.

Charlotte Mudoola is a regular part of the work outs herself

Finally, Mudoola sports was registered in 2019; it is a story that has had quite the inspirational journey. From a WhatsApp video work out session of three to various zoom classes hosting close to 100 people.

More than just excersize

Timothy Mudoola’s vision for this brand is larger than work out sessions. He speaks proudly of the Mudoola name being a sporting powerhouse and wants to make sure that the legacy lives on for generations to come.

Hard work with a smile one of the zoom sessions

Targeting all round quality sports service provision, Mudoola sports will be taking its place as an authority in and around Uganda in regards to being a reliable information source on health, nutrition and fitness, sports merchandising and a fully equipped gym (the icing on a cake that is the popular online classes).

He envisions that no other person should feel the way he felt when he visited the sports shop only to get poor quality gloves or when he had to pay exorbitantly for a simple mouth guard. People deserve a sports brand they can trust.

Mudoola Sports will be bigger than the the daily work outs – a sports shop for all, a fully equipped gym and a reliable hub for tips on health, fitness and nutrition. My goal is to make sure that everyone sees it as a brand they would like to be a part of.

Getting better to serve more

In a bid to serve his friends, partners and clients better, “Timo” has been studying and researching hard. He has taken a couple of online fitness trainer courses. He is also planning to sponsor himself for a trip to Stellenbosch to study a course in strength and conditioning.

Strength and conditioning is the one aspect where we lack greatly in Ugandan rugby. I want to give back to the game of rugby through strength and conditioning.

I also want Mudoola sports to be renown for S&C and we look forward to working with various sports fraternities in and around the country.

More than just the money

One of the things Timothy Mudoola was quick to highlight was that money much as it is a crucial aspect to fuel his dreams. It isn’t his main priority and the brand wasn’t started for the purpose of earning.

I want people to come in and by the time they leave, they are satisfied with the service and the results. I want to transform lives and make sure people get their desired results. Then they can give me what they can in full appreciation.

The man behind the brand

Timothy Mudoola is a professional human resource specialist, a father of two girls, a down to earth man regardless of all his achievements but most importantly, a man with a big heart trying to use his knowledge to help others.

Timothy Mudoola sharing a photo moment with his daughters

He is from a family staunch on sports; sister Charlotte Mudoola is a rugby player with Black Pearls RFC and the Uganda Lady Cranes (7’s and 15’s). Fred Mudoola is a former Kobs RFC player and featured for the Rugby Cranes too on top of having very successful spells as coach of Namilyango college and the Blue Army (Kobs). His parents and eldest brother were also active sports people.

I want us to build this legacy and hopefully, my daughters, nieces or nephews will take it up someday to perpetuate it for generations to come.

If you are wondering how to get in touch with Timothy Mudoola; check out the Mudoola Sports social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He can also be reached directly on +256776101254 /

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