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So you have been to a rugby game. That is nice. Chances are high you have seen bodies on that field and you wonder what they do. A rugby fifteens side has well- 15 players and they can all be different. Like the loosehead prop.

Today’s lesson is going to help you determine and define who this chap is so you can locate them any day. You will not need to keep asking your neighbors for a description. It is good to ask but it also better to approach with some knowledge.

Who on earth is the loosehead prop?

The loosehead prop is arguably one of the biggest players on that field. Okay, fattest players.

When rugby players go on and on about the gym, the loosehead prop is most vocal about the fruits of the gym. Owing to the body size, it makes you wonder about the noise in the first place. Like seriously – go eat some cake already.

Yes – food. They take the most offense when there is an obstacle in the food line. You don’t want to be the obstacle. They often push each other in the ruck but would rather push you away from the bar counter.

When rugby is done, the loosehead props believe they are the best dancers but… They are friends with the DJ but that’s just about it about dancing.

See how we had forgotten the kicker. Because of his big nature, he believes he is a cuddle buddy. He wants all the ladies to know he is available and cuddly. It is his only subject when talking with ladies. If it doesn’t work, he will move on to his DJ Friend or go to a pastries shop.

Kobs prop Kimbowa looks like he wanted this kick. Kratos Sports Photo.

Next time you go for a rugby game, these are some of the traits that will help you identify the position with the person. Of course, that will be after the temporary Corona shutdown on activities.

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