Name : Charlotte Thereza Mudoola

Weight : 57 kgs

Height : 163 cm

Current club : Black Pearls RFC

Former club : Black Panthers RFC

Leadership engagements : Lady Cranes 7’s captain from 2017 to date

National engagements : Featured at the Sevens World Cup 2009, Rugby Afrique 7’s, Reunion 7’s, Safari 7’s, Elgon Cup, Rugby World Cup qualifiers (15’s) 2013.

Early life

Charlotte Mudoola is a Musoga from Kigulu North, Iganga District. She is the only girl and the youngest among three brothers.

“I believe I was a gift to the universe. Born somewhere on the 2nd of August – Leo (Lioness) and my parents are Lt. Col. Chris Mudoola and Mrs. Immy Kimbowa Mudoola.”

Her childhood was filled with a lot of family time and from the time she was young, she played lots of games/sports which got her interested from an early age.

“Growing up in a sports family, I had to pick up sports and lucky for me, I was actually great at it. Timothy (Mudoola) and I were inseparable; we did almost everything together and i got him in a lot of trouble (hahahaha).”

Timothy Mudoola in action

“Soccer was the first sport I was exposed to and loved playing on the wings especially No.7 (right wing) – this is where my love for David Beckham and Manchester United sprung from.”

Charlotte Mudoola went to Mt. St. Mary’s college Namagunga where her love for sports heightened. She was very active in Volley ball albeit possessing the potential to play almost all games. She was voted sports girl of the year in her senior two – something that had never been before since it was usually won by senior four and five students.

I honestly believed I could play any sport and if I put my mind to it, could excel at it. I still believe that to this day.

Charlotte Mudoola

Rugby Journey

Charlotte’s rugby journey started in the most unexpected way, orchestrated by partner in crime – Timothy Mudoola, who introduced rugby in the “Mudoola House” while he was at Namilyango College. Fred Mudoola, the other brother, was also talented with the ability to play a variety of sports.

Seeing how big he is right now, you wouldn’t believe it but Fred was great at soccer, cricket, lawn tennis, boxing, swimming, he could run (he was actually faster than Timo at some point). When Timothy introduced rugby to the Mudoolas, Fred was into boxing at that time. He actually tried to teach me some few moves and we would spar together (Hahahaha).

Later Fred picked up rugby so there were two brothers who loved rugby in their house yet Charlotte actually didn’t fancy the game because of her love for volley ball. Despite her sentiments, Saturday was about rugby, it was a must to watch rugby games in the house. Charlotte loathed rugby because it deprived her of watching her Saturday shows as the boys took over.

Fred Mudoola

She started her journey with the game in quite the unconventional way and started picking up on the game through forcefully watching with the boys in the house.

I later went to Vienna College for my A’level. I played basketball and soccer (in the boys league) and was actually part of a soccer team where i got game time. It was in Vienna college that I met Martin Karugonjo who knew Timothy and Fred.

He approached me and asked if I was Timothy and Fred’s sister – I casually said yes (frustrated in my mind that i was being distracted from my soccer game) He then tells me that as a Mudoola, i should be playing rugby or have an idea. So he invites me to join them in their next session. 

She went for the session and enjoyed it, from then on she played til she finished her high school. In her vacation, she joined a volley ball club but yet again, Timothy came with information about rugby at Kyadondo. It was there that she was ushered to the next level of the game by Helen Buteme and the late Jim Park.

After learning about women’s rugby, Charlotte never showed up for training at her volleyball club

Courtesy image : Kawowo Sports

Thunderbirds based at Kyadondo was the first club Charlotte played for and at that time, there was lots of action every weekend. Women’s rugby was on a high and very successful, the competition was immense because everyone worked and trained hard to get to the first team. It’s been a journey of challenge after challenge playing a game she grew to love.

Charlotte featured against Rwanda, went for tournaments yearly in Kenya where they would dominate, not just participate. As the cycle goes, for all your effort, some day it eventually pays off – in 2008, the Lady Cranes 7’s qualified for the 2009 World Cup in Dubai. It was the first team to qualify for a World Cup from Uganda.

Charlotte in action for the Lady Cranes sevens


I have played for Pirates 2 (Sailors – Pirates junior men’s team), i currently play for Black Panthers (7’s) , Black Pearls (15’s)FRN Elite International Women’s Team (7’s) which is an invitational team that tours, Lady Cranes sides ( Captain Lady Cranes 7’s).

I do not regret choosing and playing rugby. It’s a very technical sport that requires a lot and instills discipline. It’s a sport that has taught me teamwork, discipline, respect, good sportsmanship (Core values), plus leadership. This has impacted my day to day life and my career at large –  Intellectual Property Brand Ambassador, Best Employee for one of the Branch offices i head, Headed Arua Regional office which at that time won Best Regional Office).

Life outside rugby

“I am a lawyer and advocate of the high court by profession. I am a Senior Registration Officer at Uganda Registration Services Bureau.”

Favorite rugby moment

“Qualifying for the World Cup in 2009.”

Worst Rugby moment

“When I fractured my leg & dislocated my ankle at the same time in Botswana at the Rugby Afrique 7’s in 2011.”

Role model

“My mum”

Favorite rugby players

Local : Timothy Mudoola, Helen Buteme & Edmond Tumusiime.

International : Portia Woodman, Collins Injera, Madison Hughes, Doug Howlett & Carlos Spencer

Charlotte clearly star struck next to Portia Woodman

Rugby aspirations

“Help bring Uganda women’s rugby back to the top/winning ways.”

Message to upcoming players

“Work hard because talent alone won’t take you anywhere. Strength and conditioning is very important, be a team player, discipline, respect yourself and teammates, play your role with everything you got, be ready to learn because it never stops.”

Message to fans

“Thank you for the support especially towards women’s rugby. Shout out to Team Orange too.”

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