To borrow a few words off Wiki, we can describe a gym balls as exercise balls, or yoga balls.

While some favor using them while engaging in athletic training and exercise, gym balls can as well be used in physical therapy, and weight training.

A gym ball comes a lot in handy in quite a number of sports activities, and the Kratos Shop wants to make them dominant in Uganda. Gym balls help to maximize endurance and strength, this burst resistant inflatable ball is the ideal workout aid. It is also perfect for abdominal exercises, stretching, Yoga, Pilates, and sports rehabilitation.

The beauty of this particular type of ball is you can carry it with you even to your office and use it to improve your posture. This is because it is amazing with the strengthening of core muscles and relieving back pain associated with prolonged periods of sitting. Therapists also use it to give physical comfort to their patients.

When can I use Gym Balls?

This multi-functional gym balls can be used at home or in the gym to improve the quality of standard exercises. Sit-ups, press-ups, and stretching are just a few examples of routines bettered by the ball. Use to improve your stretch, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, define your body, tone, and to increase the strength of your core muscles.

Not only great for Yoga, Pilates, strengthening your core muscles and sports rehabilitation – it can also be used a substitute for an office chair to improve your posture and help relieve back pain.

Size And Availability Of Gym Balls

The Kratos Shop has the gym balls available in 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm. Delivery can be done to any point in the country.

It is suitable for any age and size but a maximum weight of 160k is advised.

How does it work?

This inflatable ball is designed using anti-burst material, providing peace of mind while carrying out sit-ups and more. The cushioning surface and shape of the ball help to prevent bad posture or technique during exercises, leading to a healthier and more effective workout. Plus, it also comes with a free pump to inflate and deflate the gym ball accordingly – please remove the plug before inflating.

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